Word of Life

As I read Bible,
It takes me to a beautiful journey in HIS wonderful world,
There are treasure hidden on every step and as HE uncover them one by one,
I rejoice, praise HIM, laugh and giggle, and ask for more and more, and HE satisfies his greedy child with more light, with more Vision, with more peace, with more Truth, with more of HIM

As I read Bible,
HIS WORD build a throne in my heart and Perfect comes and reigns there, rivers of HIS love flows and rain of HIS peace falls on my heart, and by HIS Grace, by HIS mercy and forgiveness I stand before HIM. I present flowers of thanks and music of praise to HIM

As I read Bible,
HIS WORD brings spring in my heart, colors surround me, I get caught in the circles of colors and cant escape because spring Rest in my heart

As I read Bible,
WORD open a Window in my heart and I peep into HIS world, and how I long for the moment when I will go and will live with HIM for eternity

As I read Bible,
HIS WORD creates still waters in my heart where truth just sinks deep in me and remains there, but world and its lies remain on surface and dies there

As I read Bible,
HIS WORD cleanses me and sanctify me. HE comes and holds my hand, guides me, protects my soul and gives me strength to walk closely with HIM,

As I read Bible,
WORD become alive and paints the picture of my LORD, my KING, my SAVIOUR

And circle around HIM

Written by Mubrooka


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