This site is about seeking Divine Love, dwelling in the delight of His fellowship. These pages are for the soul that longs for Him, as a parched land. It is about the Beloved who enlightens us, gives us new wine; not the wine of this world, but the wine of the Divine Spirit, the Light which we clasp close to our bosom as a precious stone, a pearl of great price.

If your spirit is overwhelmed within you, if your heart is appalled within because the world around you is full of greed, hatred and war; a place where peace no-longer exists. If your soul cries out, “Peace, peace, where are you?” If your very own soul is troubled, let the Beloved lead you beside still waters and make you lie down in green pastures. He can restore your soul and give you peace.

If I am lost and cannot find my way to a certain city. Who do I ask? Do I ask someone who has never been to this city? Or do I ask the one who has been there before? The Beloved has been there before. He navigates us around pitfalls, taking us off the wide road and putting us onto the narrow road that leads to God. He knows the way to God, to the Divine Love. To know him is to know God. To follow the Beloved is to find your Lord.

Sometimes, in this blog, you will come across letters from men and women who have walked this path before us. Letters seem to be appropriate as they are personal and move us from the canons of religion to a pulsating vibrant, intimate expression of walking with God. Letters are relational and so should be our faith; we long for a personal relationship with the Almighty. Letters are from the bosom, from the heart and that is where we want to be in the bosom of Divine Love.

This is the way of the prophets, the seekers, the disciples, the mystics, the humble and contrite of heart. They come seeking life giving waters as the deer pants after the waters and they find the well that never runs dry.


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